On Graduating

Today I will graduate from college, after four years at Oral Roberts University. I started on this journey with the encouragement of pastors, friends, and family. Growing up I was good at learning how to do things by hand, but not always the best at studying and homework. However, God has helped me to understand from professors, and apply my time to studying. Along the way I learned in classes, from group projects, and personal time studying. But I also learned from watching others, and seeing how each person reacts differently to their world. Being able to graduate today from ORU is something I never thought possible. So much so, that my junior & senior year of high school, I never took the ACT or SAT. To this day, I have no comparison with friends and peers who talk about their scores.

I am the type of person that status and accomplishment truly do not matter that much to me. I care more about helping people, and serving their needs. I grew up supporting others, and helping with whatever projects I could. I learned a lot, and through each experience I have grown into who I am today. I will miss the community, and the people I have been in classes with over the last four years. But I know that this next season of life will be just as full of God’s provision and blessings.

To all who have supported me with friendship, encouragement, prayers, and help, thank you, thanks for being in my life and helping me along the way.

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