A Journey Without Directions

Sometimes life is simple and it is easy to know exactly what is next. But in the midst of the journey there are clues as to which way to go next. A conversation with a good friend, a rude sales associate, or a friendly barista, each interaction either draws us closer, or pushes us away from a place. We can see through the rudeness of an employee and see the personal struggles they must be dealing with, or we can be frustrated and blame the company and vent on social media about the interaction. A friend of mine who is a teacher of second and fourth graders was talking last night about some of her kids and the ways that they deal with stress and not getting their own way. It was interesting to see that family structures has such a huge impact on the way that the children interact with the world.

Life doesn’t come with directions, but rather subtle clues as to which way to go, and how to respond. There are principles and rules to live by, which result in certain outcomes. But no one is going to wake you up in the morning and tell you if you have to go to work, well maybe your mom, or a spouse, but it’s on your own. No one is going to say whether the job you are in right now is the best for you, or whether there is something better out there right now. You just have to try things and see if it seems right and if not then move on to something else.

History is something we can look back on to see what led to the success or failure of people. But we don’t necessarily have anything from day to day to look for as to the answers that we sometimes seek for. The only sure way of knowing the answer to these questions is in seeking God. In asking to Lord, what would you have me do? How would you have me live? where would you have me go? On our own we cannot find the path that we are called to, Rather we must seek the Lord in all we do, and find rest in His purpose for our lives. This reliance can leave some bewildered or confused, but if we quiet ourselves, then we can find direction and hope in Christ Jesus.

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