The Pressure to Live an Unsustainable Life

Recently I have been reading a book by Brady Boyd which is titled “Addicted To Busy.” A statement that he writes is, “You’ve got to carve out time for rest.” He is talking about the schedules and the way that many people in America choose to live their lives. As I have been adjusting to life after college, one thing I have realized is that many people work way more than 40 hours a week, the nine to five, Monday through Friday, is not a reality for many people. Days often start earlier, projects take longer, and disconnecting from work when you leave is difficult. Weekends are often spent doing odd jobs, running errands, maintaining the place where you live, and spending time with friends and family. These activities do not always leave a person rested and ready for Monday morning to start the next week of work.

Life is more than just working, and finding a way to balance and prioritize your life when you are young is difficult, the habits you set early on, continue for many years. There is pressure to finish tasks and accomplish something, but more important is to be who you are, and to not find your identity and fulfilment in what you do.

I was driving Monday and Tuesday of this week to pick up some equipment for work. Along the way I had a flat tire, which of course added about an hour to my trip. But it reminded me as I write this that in life, sometimes we take breaks and pull over from the business of life by choice, and at other times by necessity. Work to prevent blowouts, and flat tires in you life by taking adequate times of rest before burning out by working too hard.

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