A New Year 2016

Last week my pastor talked about setting a vision for the year. About setting a course, and a goal for where you want to go and what you want to accomplish. I feel like I have moved from a place of learning what others say I should learn, to what I desire to learn. In one book I have been reading, it has been talking about those who work best in solitude, versus with large groups of people. At times through my life I have wondered if solitude is normal, and the more I search, I find a multitude of people who have lived and worked mostly alone. I am not saying being a hermit and never being around others. I genuinely enjoy being around the people I know and love, but often I feel content as I read and work on projects by myself.

One goal I have for this year is to connect and serving with missions work over seas in a development setting. One of the greatest experiences I have had was working on a missions base in Haiti. There is something special about giving to those who will never be able to repay you. I find joy in working and building things, but even more joy and delight when it is for someone who is in need and who otherwise would live without adequate shelter or comfort. One project I worked on was installing a street light at a children’s home in La Source, Haiti. The evening after I installed the light, the children were playing and hanging out under the light. It brought a sense of accomplishment and purpose, that my talents and abilities mattered.

This year I hope to live in my calling and challenge others to live in their calling as well.

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