Live with a grateful spirit

I urge you to live with a grateful spirit, the people around you will be encouraged by your gratitude. If a person lives with a complaining and ungrateful attitude, then those around him or her will have no other choice than to distance themselves from that person. Negativity and pessimism cause people to dislike the company of any person. Choose the words you speak carefully, and reflect often on the way you present yourself to the world. I urge you, examine yourself, examine the words you speak, even in your frustrations and disappointments, guard what you say. Some things are better left unsaid. 

One of the greatest joys of my life is being able to help and serve people who are in need, yet, when I choose to help if someone is critical and ungrateful, then it burdens my soul. It weighs on me and brings pain and discouragement to my heart. I can only think of the pain and hurt that God felt as He provided for the Israelites in the desert after fleeing Egypt, how He almost destroyed the nation for their complaining and ungrateful spirit. 

I believe one of the reason that there are so many people who are poor and in need is because of the demeanor in which they live there lives. With a critical and ungrateful heart, that causes the Lord to distance Himself so that He will not destroy them completely. The Lord is loving and gentle, compassionate, and loves unconditionally, yet I believe that He desires people to be grateful and to live without complaining. 

I am a human, I struggle, have challenges, sin, and disobey the voice of the Lord, yet I believe that He is forgiving and will show unconditional love to His children. But we must be a people and a generation that is grateful for what the Lord has given to us, and be patient while we wait for the things that we do not yet have. 

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