For days when the blue dots lead

On Sunday I went for a drive, got to the trail, and started to follow the blue dots.  

Sometimes there was one, sometimes two, and occasionally there were yellow dots. But marking the forest there were markings on the trees that pointed out where to go next. Some five miles later, thanks Apple step counter, I was back at the end of the trail. I put my headphones in and turned on music, and off I walked through the path. I was reminded that in life we don’t always know what is next, how it will go, or who we will encounter along the way, but on Sunday I walked through a forest as I sought the next blue dot.  

 What I love about the forest is that it makes a Person slow down and to consider things that were forgotten. To pause and to reflect on life and being. 

There are places in life that we have to cross over. From one side to the other. At times it is easy, while in other seasons the in between is challenging. But once you have crossed over, there is no going back. The pursuit of your calling and purpose must continue. To give up or quit is not an option. 

So follow the blue dots in your life that help guide the way forward. 


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