When Things Break

Often at work or in friendships, I am the one that gets asked to fix things when they are broken. But the cool thing is being able to see something that had been broken functioning again. And the joy of being able to problem solve what could have gone wrong to get us to where we are now with the vehicle or piece of equipment. It is often the smallest fuse, rubber grommet or belt that is causing the issue, but of course larger problems occur, but it is funny how each little part is important.

Life functions best when all of the pieces are in their proper place. People also function best when the relationships and environment they find themselves in are at peace. Whether it is your home, or work, or places you visit, you should find the little issues and correct them when you feel as if something is amiss. It is inevitable that things will malfunction, break, or have wear and tear, but taking the time to make repairs when issues are small will lead to longevity for things and repairs will cost less to make.

If you prolong issues and think that they will just get better, the chances are it will make it worse and will cost more to repair when you get around to it. So my suggestion is to fix things sooner rather than later.

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