The Fading Of Winter

As I look out into the front yard there are little specks of green coming out between the brown grass and leaves. The Flower bed begins to show the smallest shoots of bulbs and Perennials coming up from the ground. It is something wonderful to realize, that winter is ending ever so slowly and spring is coming.

I strongly dislike the cold, I can never put on enough clothes to feel comfortable and warm. I spend too much time inside in hopes of not becoming cold. But the great thing is that it does not last forever, eventually spring comes and warmth begins to appear again.

To combat the cold of winter I light fires in the fireplace of my living room, and on warmer days light up the fire pit in the back yard. It’s wonderful to sit and read while listening to the crackle of the fire and sip on warm coffee. I sometimes wonder why winter is needed, but if I think about it, the death that cold brings makes the life of spring that much more delightful. If we never experienced cold, would warmth bring as much joy? The changes and differences are necessary for us to recognize their worth. img_5102

However until spring comes I will continue to light fires in my living room and delight in the warmth that it brings.

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