Go Ahead & Take A Break

Just breathe… take a moment to exhale, because the end is not here yet. Slow your pace and just take a moment to enjoy the beauty and the wonder of all that surrounds you. It can be difficult, and stressful, however life isn’t waiting on you to slow down. You have to make the decision to slow down in the midst of the world still spinning in circles all around you. Living is more than all of the things you have to do, it includes who you are when it’s just you and your thoughts, even though it is sometimes so difficult to be alone with just yourself and none of the cares and noise.

On Memorial Day I went for a run, then it became a jog, and finally ended with a walk which was interrupted occasionally by a burst of “I have to finish” jog. I ended up traveling 13.1 miles along Riverside trail. The thing about the trail is that you have to get back to your vehicle, I jogged and ran 6.5 miles away from the truck and with every step my body felt great, however about two miles back toward the truck my feet felt like they had broken and were hurting. I am sure that they did not break, but that was the feeling, so the slow progression of walking and intermittent jogging began. And a little over two hours later I had arrived back at my truck where I had parked.

So why would you care about my afternoon run, because things like this happen to each of us every day, we are making great progress, we are close to being done, then the unexpected happens. We have to adjust, change our mindset, rearrange our schedule, and continue toward the finish line. Life doesn’t stop, but it keeps on moving forward. Our calling and our purpose keeps calling us forward in the journey, never to abandon the path that we are called to, we have to keep pursuing our purpose and destiny. Even when there is pain and adjustments to be made, we have to make it to the end so that we can drive back home to where we belong.

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