Do what you can for others with what you have.

I do most things for others without saying much about it or caring that I am noticed, but I mention it here so that people can relate and find ways within their own set of gifts, talents, and abilities to also give to others. Last May I gave one of my older vehicles away to a friend, through a set of circumstances about six months later it was stolen, so I bought another vehicle and lent it to him to drive to work and social events. I had some extra money from savings and enjoy having an extra vehicle just incase due to the way that my family was raised and the constant requests I get from friends and family who are often in need. For me it was of little concern, however in both cases for my friend it was a big deal and much needed assistance in time of need.

Another simple thing that I have done is to lend my lawn mower to a few friends on different occasions, I simply need it for mowing once or twice a month, besides that is simple sits in the shed or garage. It is simple to share and allow others in need to use what I have. It blesses me to know that I am able to lend what I have with no reward in return. There is something delightful about being able to say yes to the requests of others.

We have but one life to live, why not live with generosity and freedom in the way we respond to the requests of others. I eat out occasionally and drink coffee frequently, because of the way I was raised and the lifestyle of giving that I pursue, when given the opportunity tipping and giving extra is a simple yes. Most would say that giving a tip on Coffee is not necessary, however it is more joyful and generous to add just a little to the tip jar or checkout register, I can see how it blesses those that serve me and allows for conversations and friendship that is worth more than the dollar or two that could have been saved.

Our current world has so many rules and guidelines, and so many who simply strive to live day to day. Those who are able should step up and live lives of freedom and generosity through giving what they have for the benefit of the people and community that they live in.

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