Bouncing Back & Forth

Some of the things I write have a feeling of value and worth to others, while occasionally I write in order to put into words the way I am feeling inside. I feel that this is more of a vocalization of my current feelings, more so than giving a lot of worth to others, but I feel that we can always learn and grow from reading the expression of others lives and challenges. So enjoy… My life recently…

So my job is pretty simple most of the time, however occasionally things get a little unpredictable and as I call it life happens. We are currently in the middle of two projects which are located two and a half miles apart. The first is going to be a bank with a lot of offices and open spaces, the second is a fitness area that holds stationary bicycle classes. The owners and designers of the bank are pretty calm and laid back, However the Fitness area the owners are hands off, but the Architect is pretty detailed and specific. The last few weeks I have been trying to work on both projects and help to coordinate with the other workers at each job site to keep the projects moving forward.

My role is to accomplish different assigned tasks which include things like installing doors, removing old moldy walls, and ceilings, sealing cracks in the walls, and cutting new holes for things like the Banks Night Deposit Box. I also coordinate with Painters, plumbers and Electricians for when the building is ready for them to come to work on their part of the project. The challenge comes when there are pressing items on my list which are hindering the others workers from moving ahead with their parts of the project. In building there is an order in which things must be done, if it gets out of sync then different people are not able to continue working. IMG_1784

Inside a simple bathroom wall there are many unseen items which allow a modern bathroom to function, and with that is where the different steps take place. I have written lists of items that need taken care of, but often times it is the mental lists which are constantly changing and being adjusted and the priority of each item that causes the stress and challenges in life.

Since these processes are occurring at two different locations not only am I mentally going back and forth, but physically driving back and forth sometimes three or four times a day to each site, working for a few hours, then back to the previous site to work on an urgent item from the list.

It is not a part of my job, or a season that I enjoy, but it is helping me to grow and learn in different aspects as well. The reward does eventually come, I’ve seen this take place, as I am currently on about my 8th and 9th projects since beginning to work on commercial jobs about two and a half years ago. I think the biggest thing that is difficult for me is the lack of rhythm in my work day, usually I have a pace and a rhythm that I go by, but with constantly having to stop and drive to the different locations I feel out of sync and off my game.

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