Looking Toward The Horizon


The Horizon – The line at which the earth’s surface and the sky appear to meet.

As I walk through life there have been many seasons where my focus has been on what I am doing from the day to day. That often looks like work, paying bills, feeding my dogs, the monotonous routine of daily living. It used to be classes and reading and studying for exams, yet in all of this doing and grinding it out, the focus is often close and on the here and now. In the last few months I have had a growing discontentment in my heart and life. I have begun to look beyond my day to day living, back to broader vision and future planning for my life. I would not say that everything in my life is planned out, but I do try to think and process what decisions will look like before stepping out into something new. As I have reopened my focus there are things that appear more clear and desirable about my future, but finding out how to live this out is more challenging, it takes more effort than simply keeping my focus on the day to day.

There is such beauty that can be found at the horizon, the sunset and the grand expanse of sky and earth, looking up is needed as a person lives out their calling and purpose. Staying focused on the horizon can have its limitations, as you walk out what you see for your future, remember to look back down, so you do not trip on the rocks or stumble on the path you are called to walk on. Every chance you get to look back up, remember the beauty and the direction that you need to keep walking to reach your horizon.

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