Pause, Rewind, Play, just kidding, Pause…

We do not get to decide when a season starts or when it ends, that is up to someone else. We do get to decide how we will live our lives while we are in those seasons that seem to drag on far longer than we had hoped.

Many people are screaming for this season to end, for it to stop, and for our lives as a society to change back to what we have known. The truth is this season in ways that are mostly unintended might have been the best thing to ever happen to you. Now don’t misread what I intend to mean, Death and Illness are not what I mean, Death is a great tragedy, illness and suffering are painful. The loss of income, food, housing, and comfort will take years for many to recover from.

Yet I wholeheartedly believe that many people would not search for better rhythms in their lives, churches, and families without such a life altering season of forced change.

The years can pass so quickly without realizing the rut of actions and habits that we get ourselves into. Change that is forced is often the most uncomfortable, but what if it is the most necessary? It would be so easy to just fight through this season to get back to the season we were in before, but what if the purpose was to never go back to how we lived before. What if this is a rude awakening to the things that we have been missing for so many years.

Keep learning and doing what you are called to do, lean in even deeper to what God whispers into your heart. Don’t allow the chaos that is surrounding you to drown out that Holy Spirit that guides you.

I pray healing to the hurting, joy for the mourning, comfort to those who have experienced much loss. Grace and peace friends as we continue on this journey that we have each been called to run.

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