Wood and Dirt

The minutes pass by quickly, the hours sometimes slowly, the days seem long, and the months continue marching on. Each day we wake up again to a new beginning. A new opportunity to live a life in love with Jesus. I was challenged this week to step up, to grow, to be challenged, through leading others, through praying for others, by walking with others along muddy paths, and over wooden barriers. This week I had the opportunity to speak into the lives of students getting ready to travel around the world, sharing the love of Jesus, and his message of hope to a hurting world. Each student chose to be involved this week, each person decided that it was worth it to get a little muddy, to stand in the rain, because they desired to grow, they wanted to learn something new.

If you or I were to live to be 85 years old, that would give us 31,025 days. As I write this I am 33 years old, well almost 34, so I’ve lived over 12,000 of my days, it only leaves me with maybe 19,025 days, each day another precious day moves from the record of days to be lived, to those that have been lived. I’m more aware now of how precious each day is, from when I was younger. I am seeing more value in each day that I am able to give, to serve others, to be productive and effective. I am filled with joy from the good days, and reflect with some regret on the wasted days, but thankful, that I still have many days ahead. I realize that I am not promised another 19,000 days or more, I am all to familiar with sickness and disease that has stolen days from family and friends, of tragedy and death that has stopped a life far short of reaching 31,000 days. Today I pray that you and I would take hold of each day and make the most of it.

I had the opportunity to lead students at a camp through obstacles that challenged them to work together, to build their trust in each other, to grow in self confidence. I challenged them to think deeper, to seek understanding, and to grow as individuals and as a team. It was not a perfect week, but each day was filled with joy, growth, and love. Each person on each team was able to experience Jesus in a new way, I’m sure not everyone got it, I’m sure some are doubting, but I know that each person had the opportunity to take hold of Jesus and His love in a new way. I know that each person had the opportunity to see their team in a new way after walking through the mud and over the wooden barrier that represented the things in their lives that were holding them back from all that God has for them. The teams worked together to get each other over a 14 foot wooden wall, and it was amazing to see the strength and growth of each team as they worked together to accomplish their goals, I’m encouraged by this generations Joy and Energy, by their willingness to grow and their desire to be challenged. The days were long, but the week passed by quickly, and I am so thankful for each person I was able to speak to this week.

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