January 2011


This past weekend I went with my class VWMTC to Slidell, Louisiana to help with a production called “the 99”. Each month the 99 travels to different cities in the United States. There purpose is awareness for teens and adults of the main reasons for death among teens and youth. Most deaths in young people in America are preventable, but there must be a change in how we live our lives and respond to the pressures of those around us. On Friday night I worked as a security guard, then Saturday night I acted in a room as a person who was addicted to drugs. during those two nights there were 3,463 people who walked through the production. At the last room the gospel message is shared with each person who comes through the production. On those two nights as people sat down with counselors, youth pastors, and Christians after walking through 951 decided to pray and choose to follow Jesus Christ.

The production works with volunteers from the different churches in each city they visit. The counselors, pastors, & Christians follow up with each person that goes through, helping to invite them to churches and ministries in the area.

Over the next few weeks I will be preparing to go with the 6th / 7th graders from Victory Christian School to McAllen, TX. Each spring break the School sends each middle and high school grade on a trip to a part of the country and world that needs to hear about Jesus and to serve and help the churches in that community. In McAllen there are many poor and needy families and children. during the trip we will be working with a local church there to reach out to the community. As the body of Christ we are called to help the needy and the poor and the widow and the orphan. also the word of God says to make disciples of every nation. As a leader on this trip I have the opportunity to pour into the lives of the students and the people we minister to.

During my Middle and High school years I was able to travel to Mexico, Africa, Honduras, Peru, Dominican Republic & a few cities in the United States sharing the message of God’s love and the forgiveness of our sins through the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross. I was able to go on these trips through the vision and opportunities of my Church and School. Now I’m just 22 years old and am able to help lead other young people on trips and enabling them to see the hurting world around them.

While I was in Louisiana the team of young adults I work with were able to do several outreaches around Tulsa. The IMT program worked with the Homeless and the Poor who live in Government Housing apartments, we were able to pass out food, pray, and give into the lives of people here in Tulsa where we live. Part of what I do is set up and organize ministry outreaches and teams who go into the city helping to serve and work in different ministries and pray and help those in need across the city.

Right now I live on about $400 a month. What I mean by that is, for the past month I took all the receipts and wrote down everything I spent. And I was $400. Right now each week I go to school for about 20 hours learning about missions and ministry and outreach. I work in the IMT program Office as a volunteer for about 20 hours and go to meetings and services with church and the IMT program for about 15 hours each week. For the ministry and outreaches I’m constantly thinking and planning and communicating with people. So I use my phone quite a bit, I’m constantly writing emails and typing documents. Communication if you don’t know is expensive.

Right now I’m believing God for everything I do. The Spring Break trip cost is $600, for this upcoming month of February I’m believing God for Gas, Food, and expenses for the outreaches and for my cell phone. I need to raise $1,000 this month to do the things I’m being asked to do. God is so good and I know that he has a way of providing for everything I need. Please pray and ask God how you can help give into the ministry I am doing here in Tulsa and around the United States.

God Bless,

Brian Blackwell

2024 e 74th place apartment 301

Tulsa, OK 74136



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