Wake Up!

Wake Up!
Go live your life, according to what God has placed in your heart. Don’t wait for tomorrow, don’t wait till you have it all figured out, you won’t ever have it all figured out. You won’t ever have all the answers you are looking for, so start living out your purpose. Don’t let people say you can’t, don’t believe the thoughts in your head that tell you, “your not good enough.” Go live today with no regrets, be all that God has made you to be.
I just had one of the hardest weeks of thoughts and emotions, discouragement, doubt, fear; it was like a living nightmare. But when I went to bed last night I decided, “I’m done feeling this way, my life isn’t perfect, but it never has been, I’m moving on, I am going to have a good day tomorrow.” I know it’s still early in the morning, my day is just beginning, but I have decided, that I am done feeling bad about my life.
Today I am going to move closer to my dreams, I am going to do something to move from where I’ve been to where I want to be. Today I am going to live with a purpose and a vision for my future. Today I am going to trust God that he has my future in His hands.
I hope that you will do the same, wake up and live for your purpose.

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