The Ranch

There is this place a few miles out of town that I’ve found, or rather has found me. My friend has about 300 acres with horses, guns, cows, a pond, and all the other things that make up a ranch. I met this guy in a back road in Haiti when his 4 wheeler got stuck in the mud. Since then we’ve been working and hanging out together. I’m grateful for a place where I can get away from the city, and the chaos of life, and just slow down for a little while. Usually it’s for a day or two, but that is plenty to get my thoughts and emotions back in rhythm. Life is always pulling on you. Trying to move you along the river of life and the cares of living. But it is essential to find places of calm and quiet seclusion away from it all. I always leave the ranch refreshed and ready for a new battle in the world, and I hope that in your journey you find places of refreshing and renewal like the ranch.


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