Do what you can for others with what you have.

I do most things for others without saying much about it or caring that I am noticed, but I mention it here so that people can relate and find ways within their own set of gifts, talents, and abilities to also give to others. Last May I gave one of my older vehicles away to... Continue Reading →


Go Ahead & Take A Break

Just breathe... take a moment to exhale, because the end is not here yet. Slow your pace and just take a moment to enjoy the beauty and the wonder of all that surrounds you. It can be difficult, and stressful, however life isn't waiting on you to slow down. You have to make the decision... Continue Reading →

Rethinking Community

Our generation is blessed with an ability which no prior generation has known. We are able to communicate with virtually anyone we know or want to know within seconds. The effort and thought that prior generations had to go through to communicate with someone have been passed to the way side by Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram,... Continue Reading →

When Things Break

Often at work or in friendships, I am the one that gets asked to fix things when they are broken. But the cool thing is being able to see something that had been broken functioning again. And the joy of being able to problem solve what could have gone wrong to get us to where... Continue Reading →

The Fading Of Winter

As I look out into the front yard there are little specks of green coming out between the brown grass and leaves. The Flower bed begins to show the smallest shoots of bulbs and Perennials coming up from the ground. It is something wonderful to realize, that winter is ending ever so slowly and spring... Continue Reading →

Answering the Question

When you see people in America within the first few minutes of the conversation you will ask or be asked, what do you do? It is in our culture to be doing something, to be idle and not working is not in our perception of reality. Our answer to problems is hard work and persistence.... Continue Reading →

The Whisper of a Child

I knew that I had to be there, but I was unsure exactly why, that is until the moment that You began to speak through your daughters. For years I have known that a part of my calling is to reach out to children, but not really knowing exactly how. This past week was a... Continue Reading →

Thoughts from Summer

If it were a thing to day dream, I once was the boy who would stare off into space and into the glass into neverland on any drive that I would be on. It was all bliss, just another line of electric lines spanning the border between road and field. To be a kid again,... Continue Reading →

Learning to Be

Often I reflect on the journey my life has taken. I process many things internally, and with carefully chosen words make know to others my innermost feelings. But only to those whom I feel safe and who I have built trust. For fear that I would be let down or the struggles and pain would... Continue Reading →

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